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Twin Peaks, Washington state, USA

Why not take a trip with me? A nice vacation in Twin Peaks, a cozy little town a few miles south of the Canadian border in Washington state. The long drive can let us unwind, relax. How about I tell you a bit about Twin Peaks? Since we have time.

The story of Twin Peaks follows a "quirky" FBI special agent by the name of Dale Cooper. Cooper has been sent in to investigate the murder of local homecoming queen, Laura Palmer.
The murder shook the small town, as Laura was deeply loved by many prominent figures of the social life in Twin Peaks.. So who would want to kill a teenage girl with a life ahead of her?

"Diane, 7:30 am, February 24th. Entering town of Twin Peaks. Five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line. Never seen so many trees in my life."

Cooper employs the help of local sherriff, Harry Truman, and the police force of Twin Peaks. Over time, the law uncovers a twisted web of many hidden aspects of the sleepy little town. From drug trafficking, to the domestic abuse of a diner waitress, to the many secrets Laura kept. The dead seldom talk, but their lies will never stay submerged.

My favorite characters has to be The Giant, a spirit that frequently appears to Cooper. He is aptly named, being a towering man, in a simple dress akin to waitstaff, with a reciding hairline, but a striking expression.. And Cooper himself. Cooper is a likable protaganist, headstrong and quick on his feet. He has eccentric traits, notably a deep respect for the country of Tibet, and wishing one day for the return of the Dalai Lama, signifying the freedom of the Tibetan people.

Overall, Twin Peaks is one of my biggest comfort shows. It holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot remember how many times I've watched it over.. At least probably 5 times. The stories the show tells us captivate me, and I feel for some of the inhabitants of this cozy town. Nadine is one of them, her struggle with mental illness, rejection, and self worth are very realistic to me. It shows that our ambitions aren't always appreciated by those we wish to recognize it.
And that stings.

"It is happening again."

Depression is a difficult thing. The most we can ask is to support those in your life, you never know if your friend is in need of company. Though, the town of Twin Peaks is fictional.. The impact it can have on us is big. I feel one of the most iconic characters is Margaret aka "The Log Lady." I interpret her as a seer, and the log is her.. Conduit if that makes sense. She's a character that sees the picture, but cannot give it whole to those trying to glimpse at it.

On a different point of the show, the music composition is splendid, and iconic. "Laura's Theme" plays whenever a very serious moment is happening in the presence of the viewer. It's distinct tone poses the severity of the situation. Such as when Donna and James are hiding the second half to Laura's necklace, you can hear the theme playing it's somber score.

Audrey's Dance begins when the show wants to show some more lighthearted mischief, but underlined with the desire to solve the murder.. Signifying Audrey's stubborn nature and trying to assist Cooper in her own ways, but with greater risk than needed. It's a happier song in the OST, but don't let it's appearance decieve.

Also Dr. Jacoby sees the world in 3D /inside joke

Julee Cruise - The World Spins