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Shinobu Kawajiri, a character from Part 4, "Diamond is Unbreakable". Easily one of my favorite characters.
So firstly to start off, is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. One of my mainstay hyperfixations that at this point should just be called one of my special interests. The logo used is the international logo for the Spanish, Argentinean, German, and Polish releases. I have sourced this from the Jojowiki (a very useful resource!) and all credit to them for the info such as where this logo was distributed & used.

Well you might be asking yourself. What IS Jojo's? You might be familiar with it for the countless memes and pop culture references it can be attributed to. To put it simply, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga that was concepted and created by Hirohiko Araki in 1986. You might be surprised to hear this was not his first manga, as he made smaller, short stories such as "Gorgeous Irene", and "Baoh the Visitor". But Jojo's was his sort-of big break if you could call it that.

A keyframe of Dio post using the stone mask (From the lost Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood movie)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure takes place in 1880 Britian, telling the story of two individuals, Jonathan Joestar, and his adopted brother, Dio Brando. One of gentlemanly valor, the other a cunning but wicked soul. The story of Jojo's follows each "Jojo" of it's part. Each one is a descendent of Jonathan, each facing their own challenges and growing as a person, for better or worse.

We meet the second Jojo in 1938's New York City. He is a brash and hardheaded young man, but sports a loyal heart of gold.. It may be of little surprise that Joseph Joestar is the grandson of Jonathan. Having thought they were rid of the looming cloud of darkness over their heads, the Joestars' decades of peace halts to a grinding stop with the emergence of the beings known to us as the Pillar Men. Ancient beings whom are the source of the stone mask that tormented Jonathan and his loved ones all those years ago. The source of the object that led to Dio's rejection of his humanity.