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"You find yourself sucked into the TV standing before you, as if you were trapped in the airlock of a ship. No longer were you in the embrace of the carnival tents & it's inhabitants.. You were in an entirely new place, as unfamiliar as it was strange. Rising to your feet, you begin dusting off your trousers. It does little to clean them off, as the room you've found yourself in's air is filled with dust kicked up from your body contacting the ground.

Blinking your eyes to adjust to the new bright scene you've fallen into was difficult but not impossible. It seems that this place is full of old DVDs, VHS tapes, even TVs. Maybe this is where all the unwanted movies, shows and the like end up? Forgotten and unused. Or maybe it's home to the past.. So near yet so far.
But do not be sad, as yes their prime has passed.. They still have a home, albeit a very messy one. Perhaps this old analog tv in the center still works?"

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